Frequently Asked Questions

A list of questions and answers that have been asked by clients and customers in the past that may help you on your journey to a Pure Greenhouse.

Most of our customers opt for the green oak base as it beautifully sets off the greenhouse and allows us to fit to most un-level surfaces. The green oak will last 30 years as an absolute minimum and has been known to last over 100 years depending on the surrounding environment. The Pure Greenhouse can sit directly onto a flat, permanent level surface also if you have a garden that can accommodate it.
Stainless steel – All of our fixtures and fittings are 316 grade stainless steel, this basally means it is designed to withstand saltwater conditions without corroding. This ensures your greenhouse will look just as amazing in years to come as it will on the day you have it installed.
Ventilation – No, Our FULL RIDGE ventilation system allows maximum hot and stale air to evacuate while drawing colder fresher air through the holes lower down. Clear caps are supplied for the holes to ensure you can retain heat in the cold winter days. We also have a stunnign rage of blinds to compliment your beautiful greenhouse.
With an opening of 900mm you can easily fit a wheelbarrow or wheelchair through the threshold. Our doors can also be opened towards or away from the greenhouse giving you more options in tighter spaces.
We offer frameless staging at 3 sizes as standard. This staging not only follows our beautiful frameless design but also allows maximum light to reach the plants on the lower shelves. If you’d like something to suit your specific needs we also offer a bespoke service. Just speak to a member of our team with your idea.
With most councils you will have no problem erecting the Pure Greenhouse. It is classed as a Temporary structure and can actually be disassembled in 30 mins by our skilled team.
All of our Pure Greenhouse prices include our trained, polite, professional staff installing and delivering your greenhouse. If you happen to live more than 150 miles from our Bristol base we may apply a charge of 50pence per mile (going off of the AA route planner). We also deliver overseas. Please speak to a member of our team for full details.
There are many ways to oder the Pure Greenhouse. Via our website (can someone elaborate), Email us at with the order youd like to place. If you’d prefer to speak to a member of our friendly team over the phone then call us on 03332005833
This is a product we all swear by, lasting for up to 15 years the polymer bonds to the glass and give it a non-stick coating. The coating is an investable bond which ensures the dirt slides off of your greenhouse. You can pressure wash or scrub your greenhouse and it will not remove it ! it will help you to keep your Pure Greenhouse looking as good at the day it was installed ! It also makes the greenhouse a dream to clean and maintain.
Yes, we do have to charge extra for this service as we need to have a helping hand from our highly skilled crane driver. The building must also be able to take the extra load obviously.
During the testing phase we placed one of our greenhouses on top of the Mendip hills, near a local weather station. During hurricane Katie the greenhouse withstood prevailing winds of 80mph with gusting winds well in excess of 100mph. The Glass used is 10mm thick and incredibly strong, unlike conventional greenhouses you wouldn’t be able to kick a football through a Pure Greenhouse.
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