At Pure Greenhouse we are very aware one of the most important qualities of a functioning greenhouse is the ventilation. Pure have found the perfect solution for greenhouse ventilation by creating the desired Chimney effect where cool air is drawn in at the base ventilation, as it circulates and warms it rises until it is expelled as warm air through the full length ridge vent.

On our three standard greenhouse sizes the we have managed to incorporate beautiful, subtle, unobtrusive but incredibly effective ventilation.

There are Three key elements the Pure Greenhouse ventilation system…..

Lower Vents – With three vents on the 2’6″ side panel and four vents on the two bigger models. This is where the chimney effect starts drawing in lots of the desirable cooler air.

We provide almost invisible caps to plug these holes as there are times such as winter growing or late evenings where it would be more beneficial to have less air passing through the greenhouse.

Full Ridge Hinge – One of the most crucial components in our ventilation system is the fact the entire length of our roof opens up with our innovative full ridge ventilation system. This removes the small pockets of hot air which can build up in the “conventional” greenhouse vent system. With our entire roof ridge opening up it reduces humidity which in turn massively reduces the chances of your plants becoming infested with fungus and disease. Bees can also easily access and pollinate plants and flowers which is crucial for growers of fruit and vegetables.

Doors – The Pure Greenhouse boasts a massive door opening of 780mm which not only permits wheelchair and wheel borrow access but also allows huge amounts of air to pass through. The door mechanisms lock in 3 set positions to also provide an adjustable verity of options to suit your preferences and your specific plants flowers and vegetables

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