With steady increases in food prices, and high quality, fresh fruit and vegetables becoming harder to source, more people throughout the UK are turning to home grown produce as a solution. The health benefits of growing your own produce are also massively underestimated.

Many studies have shown that gardening can:

  • Improve mental health, reducing stress and depression
  • Improve physical health, reducing chances of strokes, heart attacks and other illnesses

With gardening increasing in popularity, particularly for the reasons stated above, one of the biggest problems people living in bustling inner cities and towns face is the lack of green space or more commonly, no garden at all.

At Pure Greenhouse, we understand that not everybody has the luxury of their own outside space for gardening purposes, and so we are extremely proud and delighted to be able to offer a very real and convenient solution to this problem.

Perfect for flat or apartment balconies and rooftop terraces, our small frameless greenhouse provides a real solution to gardening issues in the ‘concrete jungle’. We offer a 6’x2’ frameless glass greenhouse which is ideal for smaller spaces. An added benefit of its design is that it actually adds the perception of depth to your small garden, balcony or rooftop terrace.

We designed them with a herb garden in mind, but you can grow anything in our smaller greenhouses.  With our high roof and eaves, it’s very accommodating for larger plants too. Our ventilation system is modelled on a commercial greenhouse design and gives great air circulation, with our 8 smaller vents lower down we are drawing in cooler, fresher air to benefit your plants as much as possible. Our frameless design maximises the light available, along with our Pure glass shelving you will get the full benefit of the sunlight into your Pure Greenhouse.

All of our greenhouses are treated with a self-cleaning glass compound, so it couldn’t be easier to maintain your Pure Greenhouse. This helps to keep your glass looking brand new for up to fifteen years! Our greenhouse is deigned to look as good as new for years to come.

So whether you have a small garden, rooftop terrace or just a balcony with no garden at all, the Pure Greenhouse really could be the ideal solution for you. For more information, please call us on 0333 200 5833 where one of our team will be happy to advise.